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Tryout Results

Below are the teams we will be offering for each age group. The Black Teams are our top level team and will play until Mid June. Our Royal Team is our second level team and will play until May and our Gray/White Teams are our regional level teams and will play until March. 

If you are a retention offer player, the next step will be to accept your invitation sent to you to accept Epic as your club. ***YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY THE DEPOSIT TO ACCEPT***

Players who did not need to wear tryout T-shirts will be labeled on teams below by their last name. New players will be listed by tryout number. 

If you are a new player and are listed on one of the teams below and would like to accept the offer, please click the link below that says "Accept and Pay Deposit." Once you pay the deposit, we will send you an invite to accept your position in the club through SportsEngine which will officially allow you to select Epic as your club for 2021. Remember, you have until Monday night, Nov 16th at 7:00pm to accept your offer. 

Click Here to Accept and Pay Deposit 

(If you accepted a retention offer, you do not have to click to pay a deposit as you are already accepted)

Girls Teams

15-Black 15-Royal 15-Gray 16-Black 16-Royal 16-Gray 16-White 17-Black 17-Royal 18-Black 18-Royal
LaBoda Acker 96 Kuvshinikov Richards Carter Lindstrand Blaskowski Moen Asmann Baran
Pitts Pinnow 93 Williams Fettig Tierney Loewen Svatek Rafenstein Coshun Spang
Hoey Louly 114 Ropiak Held 115 345 Smitz Majerko Sobczak 82
Skendziel Ryshkus 102 Yunker Smith 119 79 Smitz Haddock Heigert 173
Hansche Wyant 60 Korth Chavez-Alvarado 94 118 Erdmann Ellis Malone 81
Doerflinger Jackson 179 Kornely 342 340 452 Holzhauer Ungerer Stoffel 27
Briggs Brown 103 Schattschneider 26 116 63 Eickhoff 101 Comeau Nelson
Zurawski Stanford Jansa Buchta 89 310 101 Brever 313 83 137
Korth Dunow Nedeljkovic Jackson 80 178 57 Goetzke Tomes 77 31
Bert 61 Keller Tucker 92 184 453 Romanowich 43 155 Thomas
122 91 Scholzen     Sutherland          


Boys Teams

Boys 16-Black Boys 17-Black Boys 18-Black  


95 194  
125 135 168  
188 190 198  
116 136 126  
134 177 197  
90 127 166  
100 169 187  
89 98 16  
117 Gebhard 195  
153 182 Prelesnik  
121 156    
160 99    


15-Black, 16-Black, 17-Black- National team playing until mid June- $2750

15-Royal, 16-Royal, 17-Royal- National level team playing until May- $2150

15-Gray/White, 16-Gray/White- Regional team ending in March- $1215

18-Black, 18-Royal- National team ending end of April/beginning of May- $2300

All Boys Teams (Ending in April)- $1599