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Volley at Home

While this was a tragedy that we could have never planned for, we still want to be committed to giving our athletes some resources they can use to stay in shape and touch the ball as much as possible on their own. 

As we wait out this pandemic to pass us by, please use this page as a resource for things to continue to push yourselves at home both with fitness and volleyball activities. 

We spent some time gathering what we feel is a great mix of both volleyball and fitness activities to keep you busy while we spend time at home with our families. It's up to you to stay motivated and put in the work now so when we return (hopefully) we don't have to spend a ton of time of "catching up." 

At Home Skills Challenge Videos

The videos below will help guide you through with explanations and demos for each. Try to set your own goal by choosing a time limit to complete those challenges in or a certain repetition number and record your results each time. 

Wall Pass and Wall Set

Low to High, High to Low

Star Drill Burpies 

Wall Pass and Wall Set (Advanced)

Wall Sit and Set

Solo Hand Contacts


Figure Eight Setting

Block Touch Challenge

Advice from USA Women's Team on to get better without a ball

Strength Training and Fitness


The video links below are a great way to get in a workout that covers all areas of fitness with no equipment needed. These workouts are only 25 minutes long so they are great for at home. If they get a bit tough, there is a modified version of each exercise by following Tanya (girl on the far right in each video). Click on the tab below to get to each of the different workout links. 

Lower Impact Full Body Workout

Low Impact Cardio + Abs Workout

Short Core Exercise 

Short Hamstring Workout

More "Volley at Home" Skills Videos

Sarah Pavan (NCAA National Champion from Nebraska) shares some drills for at home.

Some fun and challenging setting drills for at home or outside

6 Volleyball at home drills with Victoria Garrick

Attacking Footwork and Transition 

Mental Training

Watch NCAA Volleyball Full Match Replays

Other Links and Resources