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New USA Volleyball Age Definitions

By Evan Berg, 07/21/20, 1:00PM CDT


New USA Volleyball Age Definitions

Previously, the cut off date set by USA Volleyball that determined what age group a player would be able to tryout for and compete on was Sept 1st. Just a few weeks ago, USAV adopted a new date of July 1st instead of the previous date of Sept 1st.  An example of what this means is let’s say you were in 8th grade and had a birthday of July 15th. Under the old cut off date of Sept 1st, you would have been required to play on a 15 and Under team because you turned 15 before Sept 1st. With the new age definition change, players that have birthdays in July and Aug will still be able to play with their same class, instead of being forced to play up and age group. Here is a link to USA Volleyball page that gives more details and a new age definition chart that shows what age group you will be eligible to tryout for this upcoming season.

This can be a bit confusing sometimes, so if you have more questions about where your son or daughter my fit this year, please contact us and we will walk you through it.

***If you are young for your grade, this does not mean you have to play down an age group if you would rather stay with your graduating class, but it allows the option now to do so. This age cut off mainly helps those who are older for their class who have summer birthdays who have been required to play up due to age.