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Beach Information

Epic had a great first year on the beach with 50+ athletes, both girls and boys. This year we look to build on the success we had last season and offer an even better experience this year. We will again be offering beach doubles training, which will be very high rep, designed to train the techniques and strategy required to be successful at the beach doubles game. 

In addition to that, this year we want to focus some time on those players who have a partner by offering some beach TEAM training. This training will be focused on team, and the strategies that will specifically help you and your partner become more successful when you compete in tournament play. 

We are excited to get this beach season underway and can't wait to help you become epic this summer!

Epic Beach Tournament Dates

Beach tournament dates held at North Beach Racine

Epic North Beach Open- June 24 2018

Epic Wisconsin Beach Championships- August 5 2018